12,000 Space Poggers were fully sold out in a record-breaking sale in under 15 minutes! To get your Space Poggers, check out the full collection on OpenSea.


What are Space Poggers?

Space Poggers is an Ethereum-based NFT collection of quirky spacefaring animals. Each Space Pogger is unique, loves to party, and lives for adventure. By adopting a Space Pogger, you gain access to an exclusive members-only experience, with a stellar community, curated NFT airdrops, and branded merchandise.

  • 12 quirky spacefaring tribes live aboard the Space Ark
  • 1,000 uniquely generated Poggers per tribe
  • 130 possible traits and over 469 million combinations
  • Secretive 13th tribe, "Zero", are in hot pursuit
Carefully designed. Lovingly created.

Why are Space Poggers so special?

This project began as the brainchild of NiftyWhale and like-minded NFT advocates on the social audio app, Clubhouse. We embrace a mutual vision: that it's possible to build an iconic brand on the blockchain in order to engage, entertain, and educate a universal audience. Together, we aim to accelerate the adoption of NFTs, realize their full potential, and form a lasting community that celebrates creativity.

We have recruited full-time roles on our team - specializing in community growth and management, social media marketing, fashion merchandising, business operations, engineering, and app development. These skillsets will empower us to execute on our multi-year roadmap in accordance with the highest professional standards.

The base models of all twelve poggers.
Who wants a SPACESHIP?


As we meet the following milestones for our launch, we will release new updates on each of the corresponding goals! Each milestone refers to the percentage of total NFTs sold (out of 12,000).

Update (August 10th): We've already begun the worldbuilding phase and merch store work for Space Poggers.
Update (August 17th): The Space Poggers Tesla contest, #ProjectMoonshot, is now live!
Update (August 21st): The 13th Pogger Tribe, "Zero", has been revealed and airdropped to qualifying collectors!


Fueling the Rockets...

We immediately re-invest the funds to begin the worldbuilding phase of Space Poggers, as we hire writers, animators, and musicians from the community to join the expedition! We’ll also pay our initial team to cover start-up costs.

Prepare for takeoff...

We'll reveal the limited-edition 13th Pogger Tribe, and set up a Space Portal to reward community members who have collected Poggers from all twelve (12) tribes by 12PM PST / 7PM GMT on August 21.

Fly me to the moon!

We'll announce the first Poggers tribe event, where token holders team up and work together as a tribe for opportunities to win ETH, more Poggers, and interstellar clout!

Equip your Space Poggers merch!

We’re launching a members-only merch store with limited-edition gear as a reward for token holders. Expect to see some… unusual things!


We’re giving away the closest thing we could find to a Space Ark. All token holders are invited to participate in a space-themed contest -- with the the grand prize being a Tesla Model 3! We're also donating $100,000 to selected charities. More info on our Twitter!


We're in it for the long haul. Strap yourselves in as we embark on this expedition together!

Rough sketch of the red panda Pogger
Year 1: Exploration
  • Collector rewards and contests
  • Limited edition merch drop
  • Worldbuilding and storytelling
  • Liquidity pool activation
  • Community NFT showcases
A slightly more developed sketch of the red panda Pogger
Year 2: Expansion
  • Inaugural Space Poggers convention
  • Accelerator for NFT creators
  • Collaboration with a luxury fashion brand
  • Community DAO
  • Companion mobile app
Final artwork for the base character model of the red panda Pogger
Year 3+: Hyperspace
  • Animated web series production
  • VR Space Ark gallery
  • Space Poggers content house
  • Phygital Space Poggers exhibition
  • Launch a Pogger CyberTruck into space!

Are you ready?