It's important to us that we're transparent about the launch and that the community can verifiably prove that all probabilities involved are truly random. The final provenance hash below is calculated by hashing every image using SHA-256, concatenating them (so that we may also verify order), and hashing that final result.

Space Poggers token ID to IPFS address id mapping is calculated as follows: SP tokenId + offsetIndex % 12000 = IPFS ID. For example, Pogger #0 correlates to ipfs://QmWTT7VCcbhH45Y5248tW1M5Xmcs88D1ce8xEjf1mthCAz/567.
Contract address: 0x4a8B01E437C65FA8612e8b699266c0e0a98FF65c
Final hash: 48003675d853112faa8513c7481ffe3e38d94702bac0a7421a1f7b0443eb02d0